Frequently Asked Questions

Alumwin Windows and Doors manufacturers our own products, and standard lead time is typically 5-7 weeks. Custom sizing or color orders may take longer.

Simply give us a call at (905) 532-9111, or email [email protected]

Normal and regular maintenance is required to maintain the appearance and extend the finish life and maintain proper operation. The following maintenance procedures are recommended.

Tracks and Bearings- Remove surface contaminants by wiping visible track surfaces with a damp soft cloth and a mild detergent, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Use a suitable applicator to spread a small amount of clear petroleum jelly or similar lubricant. Ensure that the carrier wheels pass through the lubricant so that it is distributed evenly along the tract. Place additional lubricant around the bearings. In severe environments, apply a thin firm of WD40. Always keep the bottom guide channel free from debris.

Aluminum Coating- Exposed surfaces should be cleaned with mild detergent soap and water. Any chips or scratches must be repaired immediately and not left exposed to the elements.

Screen- Dust and debris can collect in the guide channels over time. Removal of such build up is easy and important to the screen’s smooth movement. While the screen is retracted, remove any debris with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle. Dusty or coastal environments will require regular cleaning. The screen mesh should be lightly dusted to maintain an unobstructed view and air flow. While the screen is extended, remove any build up with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle, care should be taken not to tear or rip the mesh.

NFRC is a condensation rating that manufacturers can include on their labels. It shows testing results of the U-Factor, Visible Transmittance, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Air Leakage.

  • U-factor gives the rate of heat transfer through the window-from inside to outside when it is cold and from outside to inside when it is hot. The lower the U-factor, the better the insulating properties, resulting in greater energy efficiency. Range: 0.20-1.20.
  • Visible Transmittance measures how well a product is designed to effectively light your home with daylight, which potentially saves you money on artificial lighting. The higher the number, the more natural light let it in. Range: 0-1.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is defined when sunlight hits a window and the solar heat is absorbed and subsequently released inward. The SHGC represents the fractional amount of the solar energy that ends up warming the house. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits. Range: 0-1.
  • Air Leakage measures how much air will enter a room through a product. The lower the number, the fewer drafts you’ll experience. Range: ≤ 0.3.


We offer made to measure: door systems to fit any opening. Custom sizing options of windows and doors are available upon request.

We take pride in the quality and performance of our products and stand by them. In support of this, we offer a 20 Year Limited Warranty on our window and door system. Refer to our warranty page for further information.

Alumwin Windows and Doors creates an open space for our clients by eliminating walls and removing distinction between the indoors and outdoors. Alumwin transform your space, creating an environment of outdoor living. With our innovative design, Alumwin are preferred by designers and homeowners for their quality, clean lines and narrow door profiles that maximize your view as a glass wall when closed. We offer the most comprehensive range of material types and product options to suit the demands of both residential and commercial constructions.

With over ten years of window and door experience, Alumwin has set the standard for design and manufacturing excellence. Alumwin Window and Door are made to measure to any size in Ontario, Canada. This enables us to consistently produce the highest quality window and door systems with industry leading lead times offering unmatched value. At Alumwin, manufacturing the highest quality products is just the beginning. We also offer an industry leading 20 years limited warranty across our product line.