120 System Sunroom

Our 120 System Sunroom uses full aluminum. It adopts a glass and metal frame composition. It provides extensive lighting areas and diverse functionality for indoor planting and entertainment. It can help bringing the sunshine indoors that will bring solace to your home.

Frame size: 120mm

  • Excellent thermal protection
  • No processing gap
  • No exposed screws.

Having a sunroom to be installed at your backyard will allow you to feel relaxed while living in the city. You will be able to enjoy the nature at your door step.

Sunroom is known for its natural sunlight and good air circulation, it provides an ideal environment for plant growth. With a floor-to-ceiling glass window, it will bring the natural sunlight to your house. It will keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. With all these diversified features, you can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery at any time, it can also be used as a gardening room, gym room or tea room, which adds an extra space for fun and leisure at home. As a result, more and more young people and families are adding sunrooms to their homes.

Porch Enclosure Systems (Storm Door)


90 System
55 System

Porch Enclosure/Storm Door are a specialized type of door installed in front of an exterior access door. They can protect the exterior door from weather conditions and the additional layer of insulation reduces heat loss in the winter while keeping cool air in when it’s warm.

Our 90 System Porch Enclosure adopts a 2.4mm thermal break with thermal protection.

Our 55 System Porch Enclosure adopts a 1.4mm thermal break with thermal protection.

Our sunroom has various styles, such as roof-enclosure, single inclined roof, double inclined roof, etc. The use of aluminum structure gives sunroom a higher stability and will not cause issues such as deformation due to weather or environmental factors. The use of aluminum also allows different customizations and personalized designs. The spraying technique on the aluminum makes it last longer. The powder coating has excellent adhesion, high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, which is an excellent alternative for metal.

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