120 System Window


Tilt & Turn

We offer the World’s Best Custom Design Aluminum Window. NFRC Certified with High- Energy Efficiency, specially designed for building energy saving homes. Packed with Innovative Features and Designs, with free home installation and 20 Years Limited Warranty.

We offer different design of windows, including,

  • Fixed Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows

Our 120 system window adopts 24mm thermal broken Technoform tape which allows long-standing experience in achieving the necessary heat- or cold insulating properties that create a thermal break inside the system.

The splicing method of window frame and sash adopts the combination of injection and pouring corner cleat, which improves the window sealing performance and firmness.

The three-section sealing between leaves improves the performance for water-tightness, air-tightness and sound insulation. Additionally, the Security Window Screening Anti-Mosquito and Burglar Protection are also equipped to guarantee the transparency of the opening surface, as well as blocking the mosquitoes coming inside your living space.

The Advantages of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum materials are composed of thin-wall aluminum hollow sections, they have a high bending strength which makes the doors and windows more durable and less likely to deform.

Aluminum doors and windows have an excellent air and water tightness that allows good heat and sound insulation.

Our aluminum will be sprayed to give an ambient appearance and a metallic texture. The frame of the window can be made larger and to be inlaid with a larger glass so that it allows more lighting to the indoor.

Our aluminum is also very long-lasting, with a strong resistance in corrosion. The coating on the aluminum is not easy to fade and fall off. It does not require to be repainted, and is very easy to maintain. Apart from that, our aluminum has a strong resistance to fire and water.

Bridge-cut aluminum windows have an excellent waterproof performance. They are designed to maintain a very good pressure balance with a structured drainage system, plus they are anti-condensation. The bridge-cut aluminum doors and windows have a three-way sealing structure that separates the water vapor efficiently. Hence, it achieves a perfect balance in air and water pressure, which makes the windows very clear and bright. Our aluminum doors and windows are designed for anti-theft and anti-loose, equipped with a unique multi-point hardware locking system. This can ensure the safety and stability of the windows.

Our aluminum doors and windows are extremely good in noise reduction and soundproofing. This structure has been carefully designed to ensure the level of noise only reaches to 30-40db. Even in the downtown area, this can ensure a quiet and cozy indoor environment. Our aluminum doors and windows are resistant to wind and pollutants. The use of a hollow inner frame has a strong resistance to wind pressure and deformation, which enables a good anti-vibration effect. Therefore, our windows are very popular to be installed in high-rise buildings and condominiums. In addition, our aluminum is highly resistant to acid and alkali, they will not turn yellow and fade easily, hence they are very low-maintenance. Last but not least, our aluminum can be recycled and reused. During the production process of our doors and windows, no harmful toxins or chemicals are produced, which is also one of our company’s sustainability goals.

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