120 System Three-Track Sliding Door

Our Sliding Door adopts a 24mm thermal break techno form tape which introduces long-last heat/cold insulation which creates a solid thermal break within the system.

Alumwin’s Three-Track Sliding Doors are designed with three large stainless steel tracks and steel mesh to enhance the opening and closing of the door, making it smoother and easier to push and pull. Our contemporary sliding doors are built with clean lines. It is high performance in terms of thermal insulation, air- and water- tightness. Its modern architectural trends, incorporating cutting edge technology. Suitable for covering large openings, retaining their functionality and credibility. It’s drainage design allows longevity and efficiency of your sliding door.

Optional lift and slide mechanism improves usability, security and energy efficiency.

Storm Door

Alumwin storm doors are built with the high-quality aluminum materials that you expect, with a wide array of style options to enhance your entryway and complement your home. It acts as a second outer door design that protects your front door from the bad weather, to help prolong its life. It also add an extra layer for security purposes.

We offers the most innovative features designed that tailors to your needs. We design your storm doors and screen doors to not just make your life more easier, but also make your home more stylish.

55 System Casement Door


Single Panel
Double Panel

Our 55 System Casement Door adopts a 14mm thermal breaker which introduces a long-last heat/cold insulation. It also provides dust prevention and noise reduction.

The strong and durable metal material enhances the durability of the door.

The door is also resisted to moisture, corrosion and fire.

Our 55 System Casement Doors are available to be customized in different colors.

A universal system to make inward and outward opening doors.

Available in single and double panel aluminum casement doors.

Folding Door

The folding door is an innovative and versatile folding door system that allows you to control your home environment while enjoying the outdoors.

Strength and rigidity for oversized panels, with inswing or outswing flexibility.

Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security.

Wide range of glazing options for improved thermal performance, safety protection and privacy

185 System Sliding Door

Custom Order Only. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

118 slim bazel Sliding Door

Newest Product: 118 Super Slim Aluminum Bezel Glass Sliding Door

The new sliding door with the slim aluminum bezel design slides more smoothly and can be opened wider when compared to more traditional sliding doors. Regarding 3-slided doors, we always recommend having one door that’s fixed and the other side to be open. The middle panel will be able to slide easily without much force from the intricate design of the wheels and the belt.

For the design we utilize the more modern hanging technique, we install the belt above the doors at the top. This will remove the belt on the floor for a sleeker design and allow for easier cleaning. No more dirt between the belt or hard to clean edges.

Benefits of the new hanging super slim aluminum bezel glass sliding doors:

1. More visibility for a sense of bigger space

The super slim aluminum bezel has minimal presence due to its sleek design. While still maintaining the same durability as traditional sliding doors, the new design allows for more glass to bezel ratio, allowing for more visible space. Having more passable light and visibility helps make the space feel bigger.

2. Bigger opening

Allows for more passing space as the slim design can open more than traditional doors. This is especially meaningful for houses that already have tight passing space.

3. Reduce the difficulties of cleaning

Having no belt on the floor removes the possibility of dirt trapping in the belt. Also allows for easier sweeping also for robot sweeping machines.

4. Avoid destructing original floor designs

A hanging belt will reduce construction damage to the floors, especially if it’s an expensive wood or marble tile floor. Traditional belts will need to be secured to the floor whereas the hanging design will not.

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